"EUROPEAN EXCHANGE SCHOOL" - platform for cooperation in socially sustainable way between educational institutions in border regions of Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, which is funded by the European Union in the framework of the ENPI Programme Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine 2007-2013 and on the initiative of Uzhhorod Secondary School #5 I-III degrees specialized in teaching French and English Uzhgorod City Council of Transcarpathian region, with the partnership of Ivano-Frankivsk Specialized School of I-III Degrees #5 for Intensified Studies of the German Language (Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine), Non-Governmental Organization "European Initiatives Center" (Transcarpathian region, Ukraine), KIUT Regional Development Association (Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg region, Hungary), Secondary technical school in Snina, (Presov region, Slovakia) and the Energy Management Agency of Maramures (AMEMM) in Baia Mare (Maramures region, Romania).

Objective of the project

he aim of the project is establishment the sustained conditions for effective cooperation between educational institutions and improvement of the effectiveness of public educational services in border regions. All planned activities in the frame of the Action will aimed to intensify and deepen the cooperation in socially sustainable way between educational institutions and to improve the effectiveness of public educational services in border regions: Zakarpatska, Ivano-Frankivska regions of Ukraine, Presov region of Slovakia, Maramures region of Romania and Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg region of Hungary. The main objectives of the Informational activities plan of this project are:

  1. Ensuring transparency of the project by informing the general public about the realization of the project at all stages.
  2. Promoting the ideas of cross-border cooperation among educational organizations and institutions, local governments, NGOs and residents of border regions.
  3. Dissemination of information on EU initiatives towards the development of CBC between Ukraine and Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, and between other EU countries.
  4. Promotion of the necessity of creation new institutions, "European Exchange School" and its further promotion to create effective conditions of existence.


By the result of the project a new level of cooperation will be created between educational institutions, which is create new opportunities for the young generation to be integrated into the European level of learning by sharing experience and best practices between educational institutions of Ukraine, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The "European Exchange School" is aimed at intensifying and deepening cooperation in the environmental, social and economic sectors in accordance with the principle of sustainable development and integration. The project proposes the principles of sustainable cooperation based on reliable network of schools and steady flow of information within the network of schools and educational institutions. In the framework of European Exchange School the exchange sessions for youth and teachers will be held according to priorities of regions development and specialization of partners. The ecological and alternative energy resources management camps planned to be held in Romania. The problem and risks caused by global climate change will be presented and jointly discussed by Youth and teachers from 4 border countries.